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Martyrs, Heroes, and Heroines of Komiza: A total of 108 citizens died from direct military action. 2 were politicians, 10 were martyrs, and 96 were fighters. Their ages ran from 16 to 53, 10 were women ages 16 to 25.

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British deaths in defense of Komiza: A total of 129 British service men died: 60 Navy men, 36 Commando, and 33 from other units: ages 18 to 42.

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American deaths on Vis: U. S. Army Air Force (USAAF) flight crews who landed on the emergency airfield, and one OSS soldier who died on Solta, and were temporally buried on Vis. Total count 33 men.

This list is not complete.

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Vis roster of deaths: No central place of detailed records can be located. There are 116 named individuals including the 10 martyrs.

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Office of Strategic Services Operating Group roster: Contains elements of the men of Greek and Yugoslavian extraction who joined the U.S. Army and then volunteered for OSS service. Only about 75 of these men would be operating on Komiza at any one time. Total of 216 men would serve in Komiza, under U.S. Army Major Lowell.

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British Fairmile "D" MTB/MGB, Specifications: 30 of this class of vessel operated out of Komiza at one time or another

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British Vosper MTB/MGB, Specifications: 21 of this class of vessel operated out of Komiza at one time or another.

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German "S" boat, Specifications: The arch nemesis of the British MGB/MTB's in the waters around Komiza

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Contributors: Listing of all who shared personal information and offered advice and in doing so contributed to this book.